New Zealand Mail Facilities Management Services

Explore the benefits and cost savings of outsourced Facilities Management Services from New Zealand Mail.

Service Available in Auckland region only: Talk to New Zealand Mail about how we can operate your mailroom, including your inwards and outwards goods, internal mail distribution and a whole lot more. Let us show you how we can streamline your internal mail process and distribution requirements and make the most of your postal requirements (optimising your use of postal services) and deliver you better value.

Offsite Business Mail Centre.

Service available nationwide: The Business Mail Centre is a service provided by New Zealand Mail to customers who wish to reduce the amount of time and resources that are spent on mail preparation, the application of postage and lodgement. It is ideal for customers who are looking to replace their current franking machine or just want to remove the hassle of having to deal with the mail in the office. All mail is cleared from your premises nightly and processed at one of our processing centres and lodged with New Zealand Post for delivery that night.

Designed for customers who:

  • Have a courier pick up in place.
  • Use a Franking machine and or Permit Mail.
  • Use large amount of Postage included envelopes.
  • Don’t want the hassle of weighing, calculating and applying postage or paying for postage upfront.

Business Mail Centre.

How does it Work?

The BMC service allows the customer to place all postal items – letters, packets, parcels and international (with the exception of courier items) in one bag. This bag is then collected by a courier at the end of your business day. The BMC bag is taken to New Zealand Post or one of New Zealand Mail processing centres where the mail and parcels are counted, collect postage is applied (depending on the service you require) and then proceed for delivery.

What are the Benefits?

Using our Business Mail Centre allows you to concentrate on your core business - Outsourcing your mail processing needs to mail handling experts New Zealand Mail means that you can redirect precious resources to your core business activities. In addition, client service standards are not compromised by staff having to continuously learn new postal service requirements often having to rush to meet mail lodgement times.

Saving on Capital Expenditure - Many organisations cannot justify the capital expense of updating obsolete and or re equipping their mailroom with ever more sophisticated and expensive mail processing technology which is only used for short periods through the day. The BMC takes care of that issue for you.

A clearer picture on postal spend - By using our Business Mail Centre to process your mail, you’ll be able to track your spending through customised reports that allow you to charge mailing costs to departments or cost centres.

Detailed reporting on your postage volumes and costs – By using our Business Mail Centre to process your mail you will receive monthly reporting that will provide the following information; mail volumes by size, service standard, used and per item costs.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced requirement for staff resources in your mailroom.
  • Elimination of the use of costly postage products including; Franking machines, stamps, tickets.
  • Elimination of the costs of other mailroom equipment such as; Scales and other measuring equipment.
  • Less staff training on postal products.
  • Elimination of incorrect allocation of postage.
  • Elimination of errors in charging / surcharging and returned mail.

Business Mail Centre – Other Service offerings.

Outward Mail Processing

Our Business Mail Centre can take over the complete processing of your outward mail including sorting mail into service streams, facing, bundling, completing documentation, putting a postage impression on each item, and lodgement. In addition, if your mailing involves a response or fulfilment, we can handle that for you too.

One-off Mailings

Rather than take people away from their core responsibilities to manage a special mailing, outsource the project to our Business Mail Centre.

Monthly Reporting

New Zealand Mail will provide your organisation with a monthly report that will provide details of the postal products you have used each month. This will allow for enhanced budgeting and planning a postal cost reconciliation and cost centre allocation.


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