New Zealand Mail Kiwi Stamps are available in packets of 10, or booklets of 50.

New Zealand Mail produce and supply postage stamps to a large number of retailers across New Zealand. 

New Zealand Mail postal products can be can be posted anywhere within New Zealand, in any New Zealand Post Street Posting Boxes. View our full range in our  ONLINE SHOP 


New Zealand Mail Scenic Stamps are like mini postcards.

KIWI Scenic Stamps are hugely popular and are sold in an attractive easy to carry booklet of 10 stamps with the option of five different booklet covers available. Our KIWI Scenic Stamps can be posted anywhere within New Zealand in any New Zealand Post Box.
Top Row: Cape Reinga, Auckland, Rotorua, Mount Taranaki, Wellington. Bottom Row: Able Tasman, Mitre Peak, Queenstown (Winter), Christchurch, Dunedin.

NZ Mail Kiwi Scenic Stamps 

50 self-adhesive stamps in an easy to use booklet.

KIWI stamp booklets of 50 are the higher volume option for purchasing stamps, that can be used to post anywhere within New Zealand using any New Zealand Post Box. 


NZ Mail Kiwi Stamps 100 roll box