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Postage Included Envelopes remain one of the most cost effective and efficient means of using postal services in New Zealand.


New Zealand Mail is one of the largest, most recognised and efficient suppliers of Postage Included Envelopes (sometimes called Postage Paid) in New Zealand suppling a large range of Postage Included Envelopes across all four products and services. (Standard Post, FastPost, BoxLink and International).

Our Postage Include Envelopes can be purchased in a range of sizes in both Window and Non-window styles. Sizes range from DLE, C6, C5, C9, C4, E35 and Maxpop. 

All our postage included envelopes can be personalised with your own logo and address requirements at very competitive prices for either Domestic or International Postage Included Envelopes.

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International Postage Included Envelopes


 New Zealand Mail International Postage Included Envelopes

International envelopes are available for either Australia & South Pacific, or Rest of World. These envelope come pre-paid with enough postage to send your mail from New Zealand to its international destination, and are available in DLE and C4 Sizes.

View our full range of International Postage Included Envelope sizes and prices in our  ONLINE SHOP