Hybrid Mail – It’s real… It works.


Hybrid MailTake away the headache and hassle of managing in house mail production with New Zealand Mail Hybrid mail solution.

For many customers, the majority of documents and daily mail items are created in house. All this production requires a significant number of processes, which incur cost and down time, using expensive resource and assets, i.e. people, mail rooms, machinery , printers, stationery etc. As a result, higher postage costs are paid, as only limited discounts are available due to the lack of volume and pre-sortation performed on the mail.

Many customers have issues internally with mail production, especially around audit ability, consistency of documentation, presentation and confidentiality.

New Zealand Mail solves all of these and many more problems by offering your business the ability to create, proof and then centrally print and post their mail quicker and more cost effectively than traditional mail creation and postal methods, whilst at the same time reducing the impact on the environment and increasing efficiency and visibility of their print and mail processes.


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